We come from the client perspective.  Yes, really.  We have worn your shoes and sat at your desk.  Our partners started at the lowest levels working our way up through the ranks of service, sales, operations, and executive leadership.  Our roots started with busted knuckles and long hot hours.  We have been the sales manager, controller, product manager, managing director, and executive.  We learned our skills from actually using the advice and tools we promote.

Our services are based on our actual experiences.  We have used the methods and products we promote and can demonstrate both success and failures (which we expect to help you avoid).

Our partners have never been employed by a consulting firm prior to this venture.  We have not been trained to sell hours.  We don't have a background in selling promises without skin in the game.

While we would love to have a big fat contract, that's just not realistic.  We honestly want to partner with you.  We don't think we are any smarter than you, we just bring different perspectives and our developed methods.  If we don't think we can grow your business, we won't take your money.  We win when you win.

Many of the services developed by Navigant may be rewarded on a commission or performance basis.  We seek long term relationships and want to grow as your business grows.

Meet the Partners