Channel Partnership Excellence

Build Long-Term Channel Relationship Strategies

Channel Partnership Excellence provides the framework for building long lasting strategic business plans that are mutually beneficial to both the vendor and the channel partner.  This methodology focuses on the business issues and objectives of the two parties.  Through the planning process, each commits resources, focus, and actionable steps that move each other towards success closing gaps between today’s performance and the business goals 3-5 years from now. The process allows the parties to align resources, leverage strengths, and build a business plan to achieve success together.

  • Understand the business trends each are faced with requiring a response in tactics and investment.
  • Recognize the steps necessary for action and investments to respond to market trends.
  • Identify the key stakeholders in each of the organization and align them for long term cooperation.
  • Measure the relationship of the parties against ideal standards.
  • Establish long term business goals that help both vendor and partner meet their individual objectives.
  • Establish metrics and KPIs, leading and lagging, that measure progress towards the goal.
  • Develop a dossier of key data points on each partner business.
  • Build trust and collaboration between the parties allowing open and honest communication.

Core Concepts

  • Business trends driving investments and focus
  • Roles of stakeholders
  • Benchmarking partner performance
  • Establishing and measuring metrics and KPIs
  • Establishing credibility and trust
  • Building long term business plans
  • Tactics and actions required to achieve business plans
  • Profiling partner business with key datapoints
  • Evaluation of mutual investments in time and resources
  • Recognizing weaknesses that could prevent success
  • Understanding of strengths of both vendor and partner which can be leveraged for success

Delivery Method

  • On-Site workshop over 2-Days
  • Virtual and Master Class Options
  • Audience includes Channel Account Managers and supporting departments