Engaging Channel Excellence

Sales Call Planner for Partner Meetings

In Engaging Channel Excellence your team will learn to leverage the Channel ACE fundamentals to deploy a sales call planner that is both repeatable and consistent across the organization. Participants learn to use the Partner Engagement Planner to secure, plan, execute and gain commitments from every partner meeting. This sales meeting planner is designed for building channel relationships. The process ensures that relationships are strengthened, and investments are committed to.  Actions from these partner meetings result in achieving the business objectives of both the vendor and the partner. This methodology training compliments skills-based selling programs.

  • ‌‌Secure more meetings with contacts at higher levels of the partner organization.
  • Gain greater attention, focus, and investment by partners by offering value in each meeting. Align partner investments with issues & opportunities they face in their business environment.
  • Understand performance metrics and gain commitment to actions before any potential negative consequences.
  • Review the partner sales funnel and develop next steps to win opportunities more successfully.
  • Grow partner relationships, increase investments, and achieve greater buy-in from partners.

Core Concepts

  • ‌Value-based messaging to secure more meetings
  • Meeting preparation and data collection
  • Recognize partner issues & opportunities and the impact on their business
  • Discovery questioning to better understand partner needs
  • Leading and lagging performance metrics with resulting commitments
  • How to successfully communicate change
  • Market condition evaluation and action plan
  • Sales funnel review and the resulting action plan
  • Securing partner commitments that grow both the partner and the vendor’s business

Delivery Method

  • On-Site workshop over 1-Days
  • Virtual and Master Class Options
  • Audience includes Channel Account Managers and supporting departments