Channel Partnership Excellence

Channel Execution Strategy Workshop

Channel Partnership Excellence is an strategy focused workshop which introduces best-in-class channel strategies, structures, and practices to your leadership team members responsible for the success of a channel sales strategy.  Through the course of the workshop, participants build execution plans to prioritize investments, resources and next steps for your channel sales strategy - whether you are creating, transforming, or improving it. Participants will develop a gap analysis, investment considerations, and actionable next steps towards Achieving Channel Excellence. This workshop supports the organization’s efforts of executing a long-term sales strategy through a third-party channel structure.

  • Discover the 10 fundamentals of the Channel ACE model for successful channel commercial structure.
  • Assess channel structure fundamentals against your current strategy and identify gaps in the performance.
  • Prioritize investments and resources and understand which has the highest impact to improve channel sales performance.
  • Align your business goals across departments by including a variety of leaders in this discussion.
  • Shift the channel strategy from a sales strategy to a business strategy.

Core Concepts

  • Purpose of Channel Sales
  • Different Channel Models
  • Value of Channel to Vendors & Partners
  • Working Through Omni-Channel Networks
  • Assessment of Buyer Needs and Expectations
  • Partner Capabilities to Meet Customer Needs
  • Measuring and Acting on Performance Metrics & KPIs
  • Proactive Partner Recruiting & Succession Plans
  • Sales & Operational Enablement Strategies
  • Maximizing the Partner’s Focus & Investments
  • Technology & Digital Tools to Manage the Relationship
  • Joint Marketing & Sales Call Planning
  • Organizational Alignment Throughout Vendor’s Org
  • Contracting & Commercial Agreements
  • Channel Assessments & Gap Analysis

Delivery Method

  • On-Site workshop over 2-Days
  • Virtual and Master Class Options
  • Audience includes leadership from channel supporting departments along with influential Channel Account Managers
  • Output deliverables include action plan, SWOT analysis, and prioritization of investments and resources.