Finding the right balance between direct and indirect sales channels can be a daunting task for both new and established suppliers. Our methods of creating, deploying, and actively managing a channel plan can grow your revenues both domestically and internationally. Our experience with distributors, agents, and manufacturer reps around the world is the basis for our methods.

Our methods are not limited to development of new channel programs. We can help course correct programs that are ineffective or need a fresh start. As your business changes, so too must your channel plan. This is why we call it dynamic. It is intended to flex as your business conditions demand.

Dynamic Channel Deployment is based on 4 guiding principles


  1. Determine the right balance for the future of your business

  2. Select top tier partners for long term relationships

  3. Maintain fair obligations between both supplier and channel partner

  4. Measure and course correct together as partners


  • We can help you find the right balance between direct channels (company empoyed sales team) and indirect channels (reseller or commission based). The right balance can be impacted by region of focus, product mix, contractual risk or value, or other factors unique to your business.

  • Once committed to a channel balance, we can help develop the structure around the channel partners. We can give guidance on when a commission based or reseller model fits your business best.

  • The profile of the ideal channel partner is crucial when recruiting. We can work with you to develop this profile and demonstrate how to use this for selecting the right partners.

  • One of the most contentious topics of discussion is always remuneration. We can provide market data to demonstrate fair commissions and resell discounts to satisfy both parties.

  • We have seen our fair share of both good and bad channel partner contracts. Our experience can help you develop a commercial contract that is fair to both parties while providing the proper protection to the supplier.

  • A supplier can not simply sign a contract and expect the channel partners to perform. We can assist with training plans, communication diagrams, and operational procedures to ensure both parties understand the rules of engagement.

  • Clear performance expectations is important for employees as well as channel partners. Our tools can help develop these performance expectations as well as performance scorecards and performance improvement plans.