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Helping manufacturers increase earnings and meet changing customer expectations through Channel Excellence.

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Navigant Associates is a global training, consulting, and research firm specializing in channel sales strategies utilizing 3rd party sales and service partners. We help sales teams design and transform channel sales strategies resulting in higher earnings and customer value.

We help clients recognize performance gaps, leverage best-in-class practices and build strategies that improve partner relationships, execution skills, ultimately satisfy more customers.

What We Do

Enable manufacturers and service suppliers in building high-performing relationships with channel partners resulting in incremental earnings, greater market share, and improved customer satisfaction. We call this channel excellence.

How We Do It

Channel ACE is the blueprint from which best-in-class sales channels are designed and executed. Successful channel selling organizations utilize this foundation for a consistent, repeatable, and sequential process of building, executing, and growing their channel selling organization.

What We Provide

Based on the Channel ACE model, we provide assessment, training and consulting to transform your channel sales strategy into a best-in-class commercial strategy achieving long term business goals. We turn channel strategies into revenue production.  We turn channel managers into revenue producers.

Channel Sales Strategy Consulting

Build a channel strategy that yields the highest return to your business and the greatest value to your customers.  We can help you create, transform, or simply sharpen your channel sales strategy.  Utilizing the Channel ACE model, you can leverage the key performance elements most impactful to your business.

Channel Sales Strategy Training

Ensure the entire organization is aligned with a common understanding of their role in channel excellence. Sales execution is rarely up to partner-facing sales managers alone. Supporting departments including customer service, accounting, marketing, and others play critical roles in the success of the channel strategy. Utilizing the Channel ACE model, we train principles and methodologies to improve performance throughout the organization when seeking commercial excellence.

Channel Sales Strategy Assessments

Based on industry best practices, research data from the field of channels sales, and our experience building and leading channel sales strategies, we benchmark your current channel strategy, structure, and skills to best-in-class performance. From this assessment, you can make informed business decisions to prioritize investment into your current channel strategy for the highest and quickest return.