Achieving Channel Excellence

Best Practices for Channel Sales Professionals

Achieving Channel Excellence is a hands-on workshop introducing superior channel strategies, structures, and practices to your execution team. Participants build foundational knowledge and perspectives to lead and enable channel partners as part of their daily responsibilities. The Achieving Channel Excellence workshop uses channel sales principles and methodologies to improve long-term performance throughout your organization. Participants will recognize a new view on channel purpose, the measure of a successful channel strategy, and strategies they can apply time and resources to in the most effective way. Ultimately, your team will yield improved long-term results for both the vendor and the partner.

  • Discover the ‌Discover the 10 fundamentals of the Channel ACE model for successful channel commercial structure.
  • Apply these fundamentals to day-to-day responsibilities to achieve improved business results.
  • Prioritize investments in time and resources and understand which have the highest impact to improving channel sales performance.
  • Clear understanding of channel sales principles and methodologies by those responsible for day-to-day leadership and enablement.
  • Move your channel strategy from a sales strategy to a business strategy.

Core Concepts

  • Purpose of Channel Sales
  • Different Channel Models
  • Value of Channel to Vendors & Partners
  • Omni-Channel Networks
  • Market Assessment
  • Partner Capabilities
  • Performance Metrics & KPIs
  • Recruiting & Succession Plans
  • Sales & Operational Enablement
  • Maximizing Focus & Investments

Delivery Method

  • On-Site workshop over 2-Days, can be customized for a single day
  • Virtual and Master Class Options
  • Audience includes Channel Account Managers and supporting departments