Channel Excellence Assessment

How does your channel strategy compare to best in class?

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Channel Excellence Assessment

How does your channel sales strategy compare to the best of the best?  How well does your organization execute these 10 key fundamentals of a strong channel sales program?

The Channel Excellence Assessment will help you identify and prioritize areas of your channel sales strategy that have the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact on your business goals.

This assessment of 34 questions should require less than 5 minutes to complete and is completely confidential. Once the data is received by our analysts, an output report will be prepared with your performance details.

Channel ACE
  • Understand the sustainability of partner relationships resulting in consistent and predictable  revenue performance

  • Prioritize focus and investments to gain more from your channel relationships

  • Identify consensus throughout your organization on top channel priorities

  • Benchmark your channel sales strategy against industry peers

  • The only assessment of it's kind designed for manufacturers