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Channel Sales or Direct Sales? 3 Considerations for a Manufacturer

A week doesn’t go by without a manufacturer questioning a decision to sell direct rather than selling through the channel model they have historically used.  Something happens with a channel partner that doesn’t sit well with the vendor and the immediate reaction is “we should just sell direct.”  It’s a knee jerk reaction, often without…

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6 Steps to Channel Partner Price Increases

Are You Risking a Price Increase? Just when everything was starting to look up as we come out of the global pandemic, economists and financial...
Dance Partners

Channel Partners Make Great Dance Partners

It’s common to find manufacturers excel at designing, manufacturing, and servicing quality products within their target markets. Often these businesses are built with talent from...

Manufacturers Create their own Grey Markets

All too often, manufacturers create their own grey markets. The following is a real situation with the names changed to protect the innocent. Statewide Distribution,...

Predictable Partnership Behaviors

A good friend of mine is involved in a messy divorce, and he is now in a dark place — the end of the settlement...

Manufacturer Rep or Distributors? How do Customers want to buy?

There comes a time when virtually all manufacturer reps ask the question “should move to a distribution model?” Power Engineers approached Sarah, their Channel Account...