Workshops, Training, and Consulting

Utilizing the modular Channel ACE model, we help clients evaluate, strategize, and improve channel sales performance.

Workshops & Training

Design the Channel Execution Strategy

Executive Channel Excellence

Executive Channel Excellence introduces best-in-class channel strategies, structures, and practices to your leadership team members responsible for the success of a channel sales strategy.  Through the course of the workshop, participants build execution plans to prioritize investments, resources and next steps for your channel sales strategy - whether you are creating, transforming, or improving it. Participants will develop a gap analysis, investment considerations, and actionable next steps towards Achieving Channel Excellence. This workshop supports the organization’s efforts of executing a long-term sales strategy through a third-party channel structure.

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Sales Call Planner for Partner Meetings

Engaging Channel Excellence

In Engaging Channel Excellence your team will learn to leverage the Channel ACE fundamentals to deploy a sales call planner that is both repeatable and consistent across the organization. Participants learn to use the Partner Engagement Planner to secure, plan, execute and gain commitments from every partner meeting. This sales meeting planner is designed for building channel relationships. The process ensures that relationships are strengthened, and investments are committed to.  Actions from these partner meetings result in achieving the business objectives of both the vendor and the partner. This methodology training compliments skills-based selling programs.

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Best Practices for Channel Sales Professionals

Achieving Channel Excellence

Achieving Channel Excellence is a hands-on workshop introduces superior channel strategies, structures, and practices to your execution team. Participants build foundational knowledge and perspectives to lead and enable channel partners as part of their daily responsibilities. The Achieving Channel Excellence workshop uses channel sales principles and methodologies to improve long-term performance throughout your organization. Participants will recognize a new view on channel purpose, the measure of a successful channel strategy, and strategies they can apply time and resources to in the most effective way. Ultimately, your team will yield improved long-term results for both the vendor and the partner. 

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Build Long-Term Channel Relationship Strategies

Channel Partnership Excellence

Channel Partnership Excellence provides the framework for building long lasting strategic business plans that are mutually beneficial to both the vendor and the channel partner.  This methodology focuses on the business issues and objectives of the two parties.  Through the planning process, each commits resources, focus, and actionable steps that move each other towards success closing gaps between today’s performance and the business goals 3-5 years from now. The process allows the parties to align resources, leverage strengths, and build a business plan to achieve success together.

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